Founded in 2012 by a 22-year-old undergraduate student, Twisted Perfectionism started as a humble website traffic provider for e-Commerce platforms. With a small team working tirelessly day and night, we’ve managed to expand our product range and slowly gain more popularity in an already crowded market. We were the first advertising company to offer real keyword targeted traffic with low bounce rate and long visit duration, as well as extensive geo-targeting. After establishing a powerful presence on multiple Freelance websites, we have focused all our efforts on further refining the quality of our services. And we never stopped. As a result, we now offer more than 30 different products and services at competitive prices and undeniable quality.


Our worldwide audience reach is growing at exponential rate. Twisted Perfectionism currently represents more than 5,000 publishers from all over the world, specialised in targeting visitors from various niches and more than 60 different countries worldwide. Through our patented networking platform, they allow us to promote our clients websites to their visitors. We have a very ambitious PR team focused exclusively on searching and acquiring new publishers from emerging niches and markets, as well as a dedicated IT Department which ensures network redundancy and backend development of our platform. We currently have access to over 30 million unique visitors every month and there are more than 80,000 websites currently subscribed to our services.


As online advertising maintains its rapid progress and development, Twisted Perfectionism remains innovative by developing new marketing strategies and digital technologies. Our main objective is “to provide our clients the best service with minimum cost and maximum output.”. We strongly believe in the value of building a trustworthy relationship with every single client, in order to better understand their needs. In everything we do at Twisted Perfectionism, we are committed to the highest standards of business integrity and professionalism and we strive to provide a completely reliable environment for all our clients.